Guido Ponzini is
a young italian stick-bass player.
He works playing his solo compositions and with flute master Guo Yue.
Guido plays also in Shan Qi and with bajan virtuoso Vladimir Denissenkov and as guest with Adel Salameh and Ayub Ogada. He recorded his first solo cd end 2005, called “Twilight Town” including compositions by him and Giovanni Amighetti.
Cd came out 20th October 2006 released by German company Ozella Music.
Guido Ponzini was born on April 21st 1985 in Manerbio, Italy. At the age of sixteen he started the study of electric bass, graduating at CPM in Milano.
Since 2002 he studied with renowned producer Giovanni Amighetti composition basics in world and contemporary music.
Actually he is attending the Viola da Gamba course by Master Roberto Gini at the conservatory A. Boito in Parma, Italy; he is studying also "Contemporary and experimental composition" with Master Luca Tessadrelli.
In 2005 he started to play Chapman Stick, developing a very personal and variegate approach, He also plays silicon bass, a short-scale fretless electric bass with silicon strings.
As bass and stick player he worked with many world music artists like Ayub Ogada, Adel Salameh, Naziha Azzouz and Vladimir Denissenkov, performing in importants events and festivals
He is now working on his solo project and in Shan Qi with Guo Yue and Giovanni Amighetti developing live performances in which the traditional instruments are merged with new technologies like  the NDS software Electroplankton created by Toshio Iwai.
"Twilight Town: a musical journey through memories of an imaginary world" is his solo debut album in which he presents original compositions written by him and G. Amighetti for stick, silicon and electric bass, featuring Guo Yue and italian singer Luisa Cottifogli as special guests.
Country: Italy
City: Parma
Role: musician, composer
Instruments: E. bass, Stick

Produced by

Twilight Town
Ozella Music

Shan Qi DVD

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