Giovanni Amighetti is
the main creative mind behind
Started his musical career in late eighties playing with Fondamenta and Area drummer Giulio Capiozzo. In nineties became very interested in world music and worked as producer and musician with various artists: Terem Quartet, Ayub Ogada, Vladimir Denissenkov, Guo Yue, etc...
His compositions merge classical roots with contemporary avantgarde and world music, as it is possible to hear in “La voce del mondo” with Tiziana Ghiglioni and musicians from Mari Boine Band and “Shan Qi” with Guo Yue.
Giovanni Amighetti was born in Parma, Italy, on 21st February 1971.
He studies classical piano and begins playing with avan-garde band Fondamenta in late eighties.
With the world music boom he starts promoting in Italy some of Real World artists.
His first world music cd production is “No, Russia cannot be perceived by wit” by Terem Quartet, realized for Schott Musik/Intuition in 1998.
Then he works artistically in many studio and live projects, often collaborating with musicians from Mari Boine Band (Gjermund Silset, Helge Norbakken, Roger Ludvigsen).
To be reminded among others:
“Salimie” with Ayub Ogada
“La voce del mondo” with Tiziana Ghiglioni
“Anastasia” with Vladimir Denissenkov
He is also engaged in multimedia productions merging music and interactive digital media.
Giovanni Amighetti
Country: Italy
City: Parma
Role: musician/producer
Instruments: piano, keyboards, guitar, programming

Produced by

La voce del mondo

No, Russia cannot...


And if the world...


Shan Qi

Twilight Town

Wu Fei

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